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Dearly beloved in Christ,

       As we enter the 10th month of the year, we are slowly opening our worship spaces. Let us praise God for the opportunity for having our churches opened. Although there are still limitations in numbers, we can see things are progressing for the better. We should still-remember that COVID 19 is a great risk today and we should all do our part in social distancing and following the CDC protocols. Let us continue to pray for the safety and well being of all people and communities and that things can be much better soon. For that to happen, it requires all of us to do our part and be safe. One person not cooperating can easily disrupt the progress we are making. Although the situation is locally getting better, India and many parts of the world are getting worse. Let us remember those places and people in our prayers.

        According to our lectionary, October is a month where we value human
relationships. Each theme is set according to care for humanity. We
remember those who are differently-abled and to care and love those in need with the unconditional love God gives us. October 25th is focused on the family. Let us thank God for our family unit and the ways that we are
molded uniquely through our personal upbringing and the opportunity to
shape the coming generation. October 18 we are focusing on youth life. Let
us pray for the growing generation of our church that they may know God at a personal level and understand the talents God has blessed them and
surrender it all to God.

If there are any personal prayer requests please do not hesitate to
contact us and we will definitely pray for you.

Wishing everyone a blessed October. May God bless us.
Much Love,
Jess M. George Achen 

October 2020